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You burn more calories eating celery than it contains. The more you eat the thinner you become!
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Food that boosts your Fertility

Food and Fertility

What is the best food to eat to get pregnant? Is food related to fertility? What should I eat? What should I avoid? Many questions asked by women looking to get pregnant. The important thing is to have a healthy diet to prepare your body for the new coming baby...

Here are some tips to follow for a healthy diet:

-    Eat lots of fruits and vegetables: They are rich in vitamins and antioxidants which helps improve your immunity system. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables. Include yellow vegetables in your diet since they are rich in beta carotene which plays a role in regulating menstrual cycle and hormonal imbalance.
-    Drink plenty of water: It is very important to stay hydrated. Your body functions well when it gets enough water. It helps also to eliminate toxins. Keep your bottle full next to you and drink as much as you can.
-    Don’t be afraid of fat, but be moderate: Consume some fatty products as whole milk. Including fat in your diet may help you in ovulation issues.
-    Add whole grain to your diet since they are rich in iron and vitamin B. They are great for enhancing fertility hormones.
-    Ingest nuts which are rich in Omega 3.
-    Consume proteins moderately. It will help you to adjust your weight, gives you energy and increases your chances to get pregnant.
-    Stay away from processed food and fast food. They will add your weight without giving you the needed calories.
-    Get away from alcohol, smoking and caffeine. They can cause ovulation problems and higher risk of miscarriage.
-    Lower your fish intake and select the type of fish you are eating. They are rich in mercury which causes birth defects.
-    Stay away from unpasteurized cheese to prevent Listeria contamination.

Eating a balanced diet will improve your fertility. Adjust your diet according to your needs. Consult your doctor if you are following any specific dietary plan.

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