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The month of June is called "June" after the name of the Roman goddess, Juno, queen of the gods and wife of Jupiter.

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Pregnancy Stages: Week 37

week 37

Your baby:

Your baby now is considered a full term baby. Congratulations! His average weight at this time is around 3kg and measures around 48cm. He is probably now squeezed in your tummy. He is not kicking but still moving. His lungs are fully developed as well as his internal organs. His head is engaged in the pelvis and ready for birth. If you have repeated C-sections your doctor will make you wait for a couple of weeks.

Your body:

You’ve made it! You are at your final stages and you cannot wait anymore for your delivery. You gained around 16kg till now. Braxton Hicks contractions are becoming more frequent. Your cervix will get ready for labor and will start dilating and effacing. Your doctor will estimate the cervix status while doing the internal examination. Your Streptococcus B test results are ready. The pressure on your pelvis increases and become uncomfortable. Leg cramps can become frequent and painful. Drink lots of fluids and continue your Magnesium intake. Stretch marks can develop quickly at this stage. Keep applying cream to your belly to moisturize your skin. Your doctor will inform you about true labor symptoms and when you should contact him. Try to have a goodnight sleep. Your body will need this energy for the labor and after birth.

It is the best time to make sure that all baby’s accessories are prepared and well organized. Double check that you have everything in place, keep a record for missing stuff and complete the list before the arrival of your baby. Check your bag and the baby’s bag. Clear your schedule for the big day. You can start preparing yourself to welcome the baby. Fix your hair, take a warm bath, shave your legs and relax. Perhaps a date with your partner would be a great adventure before the baby’s arrival!

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