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How Can I Stop My Child from Bedwetting at Night?

Bed wetting 

Your child is potty trained and it is time to remove his diaper at night. However as much as he is trained during the day, nighttime is totally different. Bedwetting at night can keep on till age of 6 years. After that if your child keeps on wetting his bed multiple nights during the week, it is recommended that you contact the pediatrician to eliminate any complication.

Why Children wet their beds?

There are 2 types of bed wetting: Primary and Secondary bedwetting.

Primary bed wetting is caused by several facts:

-          The child cannot yet hold his urine at night.

-          The child sleeps deeply and do not wake up when his bladder is full.

-          The child’s fluid intake is high before he goes to sleep.

-          The child is not yet 100% potty trained.

Secondary bedwetting is due to underlying medical conditions as:

-          Urine infection

-          Diabetes. The child has to urinate frequently.

-          Abnormality in the urinary tract leading to incontinence.

-          Emotional problems as stress such as starting school, fear, loss of a parent, new baby at home, and many other problems that affect the child emotionally.

How can I train my child to stop bed wetting?

To find out if your child is ready for night time training, check his diaper every morning to see if it is dry, then let him sleep for few nights without a diaper. If he wet his bed again give him some time and start after couple of weeks.

-          Minimize your child’s fluid intake after 6 pm.

-          Make your child go to the toilet before sleeping.

-          Wake your child up for a last tour to the bathroom before you go to your bed.

-          At the beginning use training pants and then remove them progressively.

-          Protect the mattress with a waterproof cover.

-          Do not pressure, shout or punish your child if he wet his bed. Calmly wash him as soon as he gets wet to prevent any skin irritation. Change his sheet and put him again to sleep.

The most important is not to blame the child and punish him. You will know when he will be ready. Do not give up. Many children wet their bed if one of their parents uses to do it. Usually bedwetting runs in the family and the child will stop at the same age his parent did.

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