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Did you know that the month of August is the Children's Eye Health and Safety Month?

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Bee Bites: Prevention and Treatment

Bee Bite 

Bee bites are nightmares for children and parents at the same time!

Spring is coming and what is more fun than to spend a day with your kids out at the park! Your main concern is that bees can be around too on the flowers all over the park and your worries may rise especially that your child would love to pick some flowers and play around. Bee bites are usually annoying; they are painful and cause a temporary discomfort. You should also be careful because some children can develop allergic reactions to bee bites and these reactions may trigger dangerous complications.

What to do if a bee bites my child?

-          Usually after biting, the bee leaves behind a stinger attached to a sac of venom. Remove this stinger as quickly as possible. The quicker you remove it the less venom enters your child’s body.

-          Wash the surface of the bee bite with water and soap then apply ice to reduce the swelling.

-          You can apply water mixed with baking soda to help soothe the area of the bee bite.

-          You can use our grandma treatment which consists of rubbing the area with garlic clove.

-          You can apply anti-histamine to ease the itching.

-          Give your child acetaminophen for pain if necessary.

How to minimize the risk of bee bites?

-          Avoid areas where bees can gather as flowers field, garbage, trees with lots of fruits, …

-          Do not put sweet smell perfume on your child when going outdoors

-          Dress your child with long sleeves and pants

-          If you know that your child is allergic to bee bites, keep always in your purse a shot of Epinephrine.

-          Teach your child to keep away from bees and do not wave on them when they are near.

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