A Family Event for Father's Day

Since Father’s Day is in June, the weather will be perfect for organizing a barbecue in the backyard of the house! And use this opportunity to get everyone in the family together for a fun day! Invite to this family event all the fathers, not only the father of your kids; include just husbands, would-be future dads, uncles, brothers… The more, the merrier!

On the morning of the barbecue, purchase all the stuff you need and let all the members of the family, from kids to grandparents, participate in the preparations! Men usually enjoy doing the barbecue itself, women will take care of everything else, and the kids will have fun decorating the plates with some vegetables! The fun you’ll have altogether is guaranteed and the fathers will love this day spent with their most beloved ones!

And to add a little sparkle of festivity to this special day, let all fathers plant, with the help of their kids, something that grows, like a tree or a seed, and let each one of them make a wish! It will be very lovely to watch it grow over the next few months or even years!

Don’t forget to take a picture of all the fathers and kids together while they are planting the tree or the seed!