Easy Chocolate Truffles

Delicious truffles to dazzle your kids on Christmas!

What you need:
-    6 squares semi-sweet chocolate
-    ¼ cup butter
-    ¼ cup heavy cream
-    2 tsp orange or almond food aroma liquid

Over medium heat melt 4 squares of chocolate with butter.
Add the orange or almond aroma and the heavy cream.
Mix the ingredients then put them in the fridge until firm.
Shape the truffle with a small spoon into small balls.
Put them again in the fridge. Meantime melt the other 2 chocolate squares over low heat. When melted dip the chocolate balls in them using a fork. Place the balls to drip the extra chocolate on a butter paper. Move them to the baking sheet and chill them.

Nice Christmas truffles to enjoy!
*You can decorate them with nuts or vermicelli on the top.