Healthy Summer Breakfast

This healthy sandwich is a great summer breakfast that will provide you with a punch of proteins!

To prepare this healthy summer breakfast you will need:
-          1 strip of turkey bacon
-          1 egg
-          2 slices of whole wheat or whole grain bread
-          3 tomato slices
-          10 leaves of baby spinach
-          1 slice of cheese
-          1 tbsp of mayonnaise

Cook the bacon to your liking, for some like it crispy, while others prefer it soft. Toast the bread slices. Fry the egg until both whites and yolks are completely cooked. When these three ingredients are ready, put the egg, bacon and cheese onto the bottom slice of the toast. Top it with the tomato slices, spinach and mayo then cover them with the top slice of bread.

This fabulous and nutrient-rich sandwich will definitely satisfy your morning cravings!