How to Spend New Year's Eve with My Kids

New Year’s Eve is coming and yet you did not find a baby sitter. What should you do? Including your kids in your New Year’s festivities would be a new way to enjoy it with close family, laughter, music and games. You can have lots of fun bonding with your kids and welcoming the New Year. Here is how to spend an unforgettable night:

- Cook at home and assign each dish to a different person. Let your kids get involved in the cooking.
- Make your kids help you with the decorations. Blew some balloons and hang them. Make noise maker bottles. Let your kids write “New Year” on shiny papers, cut them and hang them on the wall.
- Prepare some games to play together like playing cards, “truth or dare” and board games. You can also play Karaoke.
- Make New Year resolutions together.
- You can invite other family members. Grandparents would love to join and share the festivities together.
- Keep your eye on the watch. Have a fantastic idea for the countdown; include drums, whistles and horns. You can also open a non-alcoholic sparkling juice and offer it to your kids or just sing a song altogether at midnight holding hands.

Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve with your loved ones!