My Cat Game

A special game to let the kids know each other, at school, at a party, or wherever else!

Click on the cat’s picture and print it out as many times as the number of kids. Give each child a cat and pencils in different colours.

You will ask the children questions about themselves and they will be answering by colouring the cat accordingly. The questions can be the following:
1- Do you have any sister or brother?
  • If you have a sister colour the cat’s tummy in red
  • If you have a brother colour it in yellow
  • If you have both color it in green
  • If you have none colour it in pink
2- Do you have any pets?
  • If yes colour the cat’s body in orange
  • If no colour it in blue
3- What do you prefer doing in your free time, read a book or draw?
  • If it’s read a book colour the cat’s face in brown
  • If it’s drawing, colour it in purple
4-What sport do you prefer swimming or playing football?
  • If it’s swimming colour the cat’s tail in grey
  • If it’s football colour it in black
and so on ...