Valentine for Kids

Valentine is a day of sharing your feelings with your loved ones and what is lovelier than to spend a great day with your kids! All they want is having fun, eating some heart-shaped cookies and dressing in red.

At schools, kids usually make hearts to offer for their beloved mom and exchange lovely gifts and flowers. They usually celebrate this holiday with fun, love and laughter. Here are some ideas that you can use to spend Valentine’s Day with your kids:
-          Buy some kids’ books related to valentine theme and read them to your kids.
-          Bake some heart-shaped cookies and enjoy decorating them with your kids.
-          Dress your kids in red and pink outfits.
-          Go shopping for some red flowers with your kids and decorate your house.
-          Blow up some red balloons and disperse them around the house.
-          Buy some valentine cards and help your child write a poem or note and hand it over to his friends and family members.
-          Make some valentines crafts with your child as cutting up hearts and decorating them, making cards or gifts.

All these activities should show your child how to share and celebrate love within his family.