First Prenatal Appointment

As soon as you confirm your pregnancy, it is important to schedule an appointment with your doctor for a physical examination. Your first visit would be the longest visit during your pregnancy.

What would I discuss with my practitioner?

During your first prenatal appointment, your doctor would discuss the following with you:

-          Your due date

-          Your lifestyle: Avoid dangerous exercises and raw meat as well as fish and pets.

-          He will advice you concerning your travels, work, diet and weight gain.

-          He will give you a list of prenatal vitamins and supplements that you should take them during your pregnancy.

-          Types of tests that he suggests to do during your pregnancy as blood test, urine test, ultrasound, sugar level and amniocentesis if necessary

-          When to call him and what is an emergency.

-          What are the symptoms that you will experience during your first trimester and how to ease them.

-          Your next prenatal appointment.

Always keep a list of questions on a piece of paper to ask your doctor about. It is important to have your partner with you during the prenatal visit.