Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise is named after Dr. Kegel who discovered the floor pelvic exercise. During these exercises you will be able to discover the muscles that hold your pelvic organs. To isolate those muscles try to stop urinating and start the flow again.

Why Kegel exercise is important?

Kegel exercise is very important for each woman. Many factors weaken the pelvic muscles as pregnancy, childbirth, age, estrogen levels and weight.  Kegel exercise helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, fight urinary incontinence and prevent pelvic organ prolapsed.

How to perform Kegel exercise?

You can exercise your muscles anytime, anywhere while driving your car, sitting on your desk or watching TV.

-          First you have to identify the right muscles. You can do that by stopping your urine flow. If you succeed you found the right muscles. Don’t take it as a habit to do Kegel exercise with a full bladder. It can increase the risk of urinary tract infection. You can also locate the muscles by inserting your finger into your vagina and squeeze on it. If you feel the muscles tighten around your finger, it means you succeeded to locate the right muscles.

-          Once you identified the right muscles, repeat it for 5 times in a row for a period of 10 seconds at a time.

-          Repeat Kegel exercise 3 times daily.

-          If you are practicing Kegel exercise you should see improvement after 3 to 5 weeks. Don’t give up and be patient.