Looking radiant after pregnancy

Waking up in the morning with puffy, tired eyes and a dry skin shows clearly the signs of stress, tiredness and a long night with little sleep. Most moms experience skin problems after their pregnancy mostly due to hormonal changes plus the stress factor and the sleep deprivation which aggravate the skin problem and favor the creation of dark spots, dry skin and dark circles.

Most women do not have time to take care of their skin. Their lifestyle has changed and they are constantly busy with their motherhood. Nevertheless, each woman should find a time to pamper herself.  There are quick remedies that might help you look fresh and fake the look of a full-night’s rest.

·  The best way to treat puffy eyes is to apply cool compress on them for 10mn. You can use this technique while breastfeeding your baby in the morning! You can also use a slice of cucumber or a cold wet tea bag.

· Wash your face twice a day and apply a gentle cleanser. Do not scrub your face.

· Drink a lot of water (around 8 to 9 cups per day). Researchers say that if you are well hydrated your skin will look less tired even if you had a night without sleep.

· Have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, especially the vitamin B2.

· A touch of a concealer won’t harm.  It makes you look fresh and hides the dark circles.

·  The market is full of foundations that fit each skin color and type. You may use one to cover your skin’s imperfections and look radiantin the morning.

· Stay away from the sun and apply a sunscreen every time you take your baby for a walk.

· Apply an intense moisturizer at bedtime. Your skin will absorb it during the night.

It is always better to seek a doctor’s advice; he will prescribe you a cream to help you fight these imperfections. The good thing is that your body will stop producing melanin after pregnancy in high levels which reduces the development of black spots. Take care of your skin and don’t feel guilty to have couple of minutes for yourself!