Pills and Myths

Since the day when pills were released in the market, myths are surrounding them. Lots of women refuse to use pills as a contraceptive method due to the lack of knowledge and education related to this method. Maybe this confusion is due to the mixed messages sent by different medical companies to make their brand more effective than others.

It is important to teach women about pills and explain their advantages as well as their side effects in order to eliminate all myths that surround this contraceptive method. Here is a list of myths and why they are not true:

1-    Weight gain: Women tend to link pills to weight gain. The estrogen effect in the pills gives you the bloating feeling. This can be removed by using pills with different combination of hormones. Also, each woman tends to experience water retention during her second phase of her cycle.
2-    Fertility problems: Some tend to think that taking pills for long periods would affect your fertility. There is no connection between pills and infertility. You will have a normal cycle after discontinuing the pill’s administration. On the contrary, all doctors advise women not to miss any pill during the cycle because it might lead to pregnancy.
3-    Pills can cause cancer: Recent research shows that women who take pills for more than 5 years are protected against some of the ovarian cancers’ types. Researchers say that the longer you keep your ovaries inactive, the less cell division that characterizes cancers occurs. For the breast cancer, researchers are not certain. A mayo clinic research states that women who are under pills have a tiny elevated risk compared to other women.
4-    All pills are the same: There are so many brands of pills. They differ by the dosage of hormones they contain. They are classified into:
a.    Combination pills (estrogen and progesterone)
b.    Mini - pills (progesterone only)
5-    You have to take a break once in a time: You can use the pills consecutively without break for 15 years. However doctors may prescribe some blood tests every year to make sure that you are doing fine.
6-    Pills are used for contraceptive reason only: Pills are used for several medical treatments as acne, excess of facial and body hair, ovarian cysts, ectopic pregnancy, regulating a period, reducing menstrual cramps and pelvic inflammatory disease.