Post Partum Blues

Every women experience mood changes after having a baby. It is a natural process called “Baby Blues”, which disappears around two weeks after delivery. 10 to 20% of women may experience deeper feelings which lead to severe depression that lasts for a year. We call this “Post partum Blues”. Studies show that changes in hormones after birth creates a depression status. Non hormonal factors may affect also the mood of the new mom during this period, as:

-          Changes in social life with less free time
-          Self image; body changes after delivery
-          Lack of sleep
-          Worries, irritation and restless feeling

What are the symptoms of Post Partum Blues?
-          Irritability and confusion
-          Tearfulness
-          Change in appetite
-          Feel of guilt
-          Loss of energy
-          Sadness
-          Loss of interest for life and negative feeling with thoughts of suicide
-          Trouble in sleeping
-          Negative thoughts towards the baby

Who is at risk of having Post Partum Blues?

There is no trigger for Post Partum Blues. It can happen to any women. You may have a higher risk if:
-          You had depression symptoms history.
-          You have problems in your relationship with your spouse or your family.
-          You did not plan for the pregnancy or had mixed feelings about it.
-          You are less than 20 years old.
-          You experienced stress during pregnancy or after delivery.

What is the treatment?

Any woman who experiences mood swings after her delivery should do the following:
-          Find someone to talk to: a friend, a family member or your spouse. Don’t hide your feelings.
-          Find time to do stuff for yourself. Take a bath, invite friends, exercise, read. Try to get out of the house.
-          Don’t spend time alone.
-          Do one thing at a time. You are not a supermom. It is ok if you feel overwhelmed. Ask help from family and friends.
-          Sleep well when your baby is asleep.
-          Rest and try not to make major changes after delivery.
-          Meet new moms. Talking and sharing experiences can be helpful.
-          Talk with your doctor about your feelings. If the symptoms persist more than 2 weeks he might prescribe some medicines for you.

Post partum blues can affect a large number of women. You are not alone. It is very important to find a friend to share feelings with. Do not keep those feelings for yourself. Seek for help and communicate whenever you feel sad depressed or alone. Try to enjoy your post partum period with your newborn baby.