Pregnancy Fitness: Exercise in Water

Knowing that exercising during pregnancy is essential, you might be thinking of what kind of exercises to go for. Well you should know that swimming and doing water exercises are ideal for pregnant women!

In fact, swimming is a great total body workout, because it trains all the major muscle groups and the cardio-vascular system at the same time. You should also know that the best stroke to swim while pregnant is the breaststroke, because it doesn’t require rotation of the torso which can be heavy on the stomach and it also strengthens the back.

As for the other water exercises, you don’t even need to be able to swim to participate in them, for many of their moves are performed in waist or chest-high water. You might be asking why exercises in the water might be more beneficial than the ones done on the land. In fact, while exercising in water there is no stress on your already over-burdened joints and ligaments, because the buoyancy of the water requires you to support only 50% of your body weight. Moreover, the water’s temperature keeps you from overheating while exercising.

To exercise in water you don’t need to join a special organized class; simply walking, jogging or running in the water will strengthen your muscles, legs and hips, and increase your cardio-respiratory fitness. You can also use some flippers, kickboards, foam tubes, webbed gloves and water weights, to enhance your moves.

And here are a couple of interesting and useful exercises for you to do in the water:

The Dolphin Kicks:

Face the side of the pool and hold on to the edge, letting your legs trail behind you in the water. Kick your legs as hard as you can for 30 seconds, then rest and relax. Repeat the set five times.

The Kickboard Push:

Hold a kickboard upright, half-submerged in the water in front of you. Push it in front of you as you walk from one side of the pool to another. Focus on keeping the board straight and walking at a steady pace. Make two treks across the pool in this manner, and then make two more trips, this time zigzagging the board as you walk.
Benefit from the summer and exercise more in the water!