Stay in shape: Exercise with your baby

Exercise may be the last thing on the minds of many new moms, especially that we will worry about who’s going to look after our baby when we exercise. You might be surprised but there are many exercises you can do with your baby! And you should know that in addition to being slimmer and fitter, having higher energy levels, and reducing occurrences of postpartum depression, anxieties or stress, doing exercise is also good for your baby since it helps him learn good movement and makes him have lots of fun!

You can choose whether you want to do indoor exercises, or outdoor ones! And since spring is here, a sunny day might be great for some outdoor exercise! So, say hello to your new little training friend and start exercising

-          Starting from today, your husband doesn’t have to be your only dance partner! Put your baby into a baby sling or baby carrier, turn on the music, and dance together! Not only will you feel better by getting moving, but you also will be teaching your baby to enjoy rhythm, movement, and music!

-          You hated push-ups your whole life? Starting from today it’s going to be a pleasure! Place your baby on the floor and get down directly over him; as you lower yourself to the ground, give your baby a little kiss on their nose or tummy. What could be a better pleasure?!

Airplane game-          Have you ever heard about the “airplane” game? Lie on your back and lift your baby up on your legs or feet while holding his arms. And for additional toning, tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks while lifting your baby.

-          Another great exercise is the Swiss Ball! Try holding your baby in your lap and start bouncing up and down with him. You’ll tighten your tummy and your baby will have some great time!

-          Last but not least, the best and easiest exercise during spring days is taking your baby out in the stroller and going for a walk! In addition to being a great exercise, it lifts your mood and gives you and your baby a change of scenery.