What to expect when you become a mom

Have you ever considered that you have your own milestones in motherhood? We all aspire and worry about our kids’ milestones but we forget that we have ours to reach also. These milestones are lessons that no one will tell you about and no family member would prepare you for.These lessons are taught individually and experience is your best teacher.

As mothers we should take some time and see where we have reached in our life’s journey! Some of these milestones are:

Sleeping: Understanding the meaning of sleeping and the importance of having a quality sleep.

Get the MOM haircut: It is that time when you ask for a haircut that does not need lots of styling, coloring or fashion accessories. So you just cut it short to help you look clean, cute and mom-like.

Memorize nursery rhymes: You become a master in all nursery rhymes, including the hand motions and the mimics needed to create an entertainment for your child.

 “Tia’s Mother”: Introducing yourself as your child’s mother taking pride in being a mother and a parent.

Being a Mama Bear: Your sudden feeling of protection when someone attacks your child or when your child is in a desperate situation. You are also willing to hit the nurse who made your child cry after a vaccination!

Creative problem solving: It is that time where you feel that you have a solution for any problem and being able to take the best decisions for your family.

Multitasking while breastfeeding: When you master breastfeeding while replying on the phone or reading a magazine or even wrapping your child’s clothes.

Super Driver: When you are able to drop off your kids to school in no time even if you were running late.

All these milestones are learned with time and no guide can teach you the know-how of them. Being a mom is a journey full of learning, excitements, love and fear. Being a sister, a student, a friend, a wife, an astronaut, or even an executive will all disappear for some reason when you become “MOM”.

Enjoy your motherhood!