Working mom's guilt

Are you feeling guilty? Is your working mom’s guilt surfacing up? Sometimes you feel that you have reached a point where you sense that you should change your life. A warning sign will pop up and will make you think about your life’s priorities. Are you happy at work? Do you feel you are neglecting your kids, partner or family? Are you feeling depressed? Overloaded? Or simply unhappy with your life’s events.

When you feel this conflict, work vs. family, arise, sit and write down your concerns. Start with the ultimate question: Why do I go to work? Women go to work for different reasons; some love their jobs, some love the paychecks, some love the feeling of the power and some would love to feel successful and independent wage earner. Whatever is your reason, your decision should be the result of what you really want and what really matters down the road for you and your family. If you feel it is time to become a “stay at home mom”, consider all the possibilities. After all, in reality, the “stay at home mom” is not a stress free job!

Being a working mom is a challenge for every woman who has kids. You will always feel that your mind is not constantly focusing on one place. When you are at work, you will be always thinking about your kids and when you are at home you will be thinking of work and you won’t resist the urge of checking your emails. You feel like you are pulled in many different directions and you will have this guilt feeling of not being able to give your full attention to what you are doing. You have to acknowledge the fact that a working mom is going to miss many of her child’s sweet moments but sometimes you should learn to accept the loss from both sides. You should know that you are doing a great job and your kids will grow up just fine despite the time you spent away from them. The most important is that your child knows that you love him too much.

Would I be a better mom if I don’t work a full time job? I don’t doubt that staying at home would make things calmer, house cleaner, partner relaxed, kids happier and life less hectic and stressful, but would I be happier? That’s said, I know that I am not the only working mom but once I decide what I really need, then simply the guilt feeling will disappear. Trust your decisions and check what works best for you, for your kids and by default, for your family.