Arguing in front of Your Children

They might not listen when you ask them to do their homework, but believe it or not, children become all ears when parents raise their voices on each other! It would be unrealistic to say that parents should never argue, because in any family arguments and disagreements are very natural. However, arguing in front of your child is one of the most harmful things you can do to him!

Why is arguing in front of children harmful?
- When you bully one another, call each other names, your kids will learn to bully others and this will turn back on you once they become teenagers.
- When children see their parents arguing they become frightened, they will think that their parents are unhappy together and will later develop a fear of living the same bitter life in their future families.
- When you are arguing you are focused on winning the argument by any possible way, and when your child sees that, he will soon lose his skills of listening and will focus on yelling and arguing in order to get what he wants.
- Remember that if you’re arguing in front of your child about anything concerning parenting, such as sleeping arrangements, schooling, discipline, etc., this will trigger a lack of respect in your children for both of you.

Remember that your children learn what they live, so before arguing in front of them, stop and think about what you’re teaching them!