Breakfast: the Secret of a Good School Day

How often do we hear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? And how often do we let our kids to head off to school without breakfast?

As its name says, “breakfast” is the meal that breaks the fast! In fact, kids may go up to 13 hours without eating between dinner at night and breakfast the next day, so how can you imagine your kid going to a gym class, doing a quiz or simply concentrating in class without eating for 13 hours?

Why is breakfast so important?

A breakfast is more than just providing energy for the school day and satisfying a growling stomach; some research has shown that:
-          Having breakfast can have a beneficial influence on your kid’s school performance; it increases your child’s attention and memory and improves his grades.
-          Children who eat breakfast tend to behave better in school and get along with their peers than those who don’t.
-          Eating breakfast on a regular basis reduces the risk of overweight.

Sometimes we let our children to go to school without breakfast, putting the blame on the lack of time. However, preparing breakfast is the easiest and fastest thing ever! A breakfast can be as easy as:

-          A low-fat yogurt with fruit and granola.
-          Whole grain waffles with fresh juice.
-          A scrambled egg with tomato slices and toast.
-          A banana and a low-sugar granola bar.
-          A fruit or veggie smoothie.

Be sure that starting the day with a healthy breakfast puts your kid on his way to a better school day!