Dad's Fear

Dad’s fear is very normal especially if you’re first time dad! I’m scared!! Will I be a good father? Will I know how to do everything? Will my life change? Many questions asked by first time dads which are kept unanswered due to many reasons. Men usually tend to hide their emotions and not to show them especially in an area where they feel themselves left outside. Don’t worry, first time moms are more nervous than you are. They are asking the same questions and feel terrified.

Babies can be scary for fathers but there is no other choice than to learn how to hold and comfort them. Caring for your baby is a natural thing and learning how to do it is the most wonderful feeling you will ever experience. Here are some tips for new dads to get involved and relaxed in care taking.

-    Learn from experts: While your partner is still at the hospital after delivery, ask the nurses to teach you how to change a diaper, hold the baby and bath him. Ask them all kind of questions related to your baby’s health.
-    Take off from your work to spend more time with your baby at home.
-    Establish family rules: Do not let third help interfere in your daily life and push you out. Mothers and mothers in law tend to eliminate dads from taking care of their babies. Listen to their advices; shift their help on the house and not the baby. You will have more time to focus on each other.
-    Hold your baby anytime you feel like: Talk and sing to him. Make a habit of playing with your baby every day. Comfort him when crying and calm him to sleep.
-    Help with feeding: If he is fed with bottle, give it to him. If your baby is breastfeeding, you can make him burp afterwards.
-    Use baby carriers: You can carry your baby while walking, working on the computer or just taking care of things around the house.
-    Involve yourself in the baby bath: You can give your baby his bath or help your partner by preparing the bath.
-    Communicate with your partner and support her in her daily tasks.

Don’t worry, just follow your instincts. As your partner had gone through delivery trauma and physical changes, she is more terrified than you are. Communicate, share your feelings and enjoy fatherhood.