Easy for Parents, Fun for the Kids

In the summer, the best idea to spend time with your children during the weekends, is taking them for a picnic. Wherever you will take your kids – to a park or to a little forest – it will be really easy for you, yet will provide that “WOW” factor for them!

Kids just love eating outdoor and adore the freedom from table manners, since at a picnic they can make as much mess as they want. We can’t also deny that this is much easier for parents too: no messy house to clean up afterwards!

Now the key to a perfect picnic is to keep it simple! And the key to keep it simple is bringing finger foods, like sandwiches, pizza slices or even fried chicken. Also pack some cut vegetables like carrots, bell peppers and broccoli, and washed fruits like peaches, cherries and pears. Of course some packaged foods like chips, crackers and cookies, with some juice boxes and bottles of water are a must! Not to forget to bring plenty of wipes and tissues for sticky fingers and faces!

If you’re worried that your children will get bored, be sure that just sitting on the grass eating outdoor will bring for your children a lot of joy! And in all cases you can always pack a bag full of toys and games to make sure that the kids will stay occupied before and after they eat. Some sidewalk chalk, bubbles and balls will make them have a blast! Sometimes, even a coloring book seems more fun when you’re coloring its pictures in the fresh air!

Remember, a picnic is always a great escape from your normal routine and a perfect opportunity to spend some quality time watching your children playing, and just being happy!