First Day at School

The big day has finally arrived! Your little baby grew and it is his first day at school. You have prepared his backpack, outfit and lunch box a day before, put him in bed early so he can wake up ready for school.

Your child is excited about his first day. You have applied all the steps needed to make him ready and suddenly you hear him saying “I don’t want to go to school”. He will start crying, hanging on to your leg and refuses to enter his classroom. You feel dreadful and bad not knowing what to do and how to make your child accept the situation. Relax, it’s normal. Every child goes through an anxiety phase when you place him in a new environment.

Follow the teacher’s instructions. They know much better how to react within similar situations. They might encourage you to leave. It will be hard but it really works. If you come back 5 minutes later you might see your child playing in his classroom with his friends, happy and pleased.

There are simple rules to follow on your child’s first day:

-    Keep a big smile on your face.
-    Try not to carry your child into the classroom. Let him walk in.
-    Be confident. Your child can read your signs. If you feel anxious he will be more scared.
-    Introduce your child to his teacher and point out fun stuff in his classroom.
-    Don’t take permission from your child to leave. Just say firmly that you have to go and you will come back to pick him up.
-    If your child is hanging on to you, do not let the teacher pull him out. It will aggravate the situation and your child will hate his teacher. You will have to explain firmly that he has to stay in the classroom and you have to leave for work.
-    Let the teacher distract your child with some activities when you are leaving.
-    Be on time to pick up your child. It is very important that he knows you are waiting for him when he finishes his school.

Some children would take more time to adapt to school and others might say goodbye from the first minute you drop them with no separation or anxiety issues. Don’t worry, they do still love you and consider it as a blessing!