Happy Mother's Day Dear Grandmothers

Happy Mother’s Day isn’t a greeting that we say only for our mothers, for there is someone who also deserves the warmest and most special happy mother’s day greeting!

Who loves us more than everything in the world? Who will always stand by us when we’re grounded by our parents? Who praises us, spoils us, and adores us? It’s definitely our grandmother! The grandmother is very important in the life of every child; she is there from his first day of life. She helps the mother and teaches her how to take care of her baby. She gives the most important tips and is always there to watch the child when his parents are out. When it’s time for a bedtime story we always run to our grandmother; when it comes to our favorite dish it’s always our grandmother’s! Doesn’t she deserve the best happy mother’s day greeting?

Unfortunately we don’t always have enough time to take our children to their grandmother, especially if she lives far. This is why it would be a great idea to take the children to visit their grandmother on mother’s day. Buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers or let the kids pick some flowers from the garden to offer to their granny. You can also help your child to make a special craft for grandmother or write her a small greeting card saying how much he loves her and appreciates her! A drawing can also be a nice idea; he can draw himself with his grandmother the way he sees it. This will be the best gift a grandmother can get.

As much as we try to do good things for them we will never be able to give back even a small part of the huge love they offer us!

Happy Mother’s Day to all Grandmothers in the world!