Leaving Your Kids with Their Father at Home

With this daily rush were both parents are working full time, kids are spending less time with their parents especially with their father. When mothers are at home, they play the role of the care giver and lover while the fathers are the supporting partners. Sharing, getting involved and helping in raising kids are new responsibilities for every father. Dads want to get involved in their kids life even if they do not show it, they are interested to build a relationship with their kids. There are many opportunities to cease and start this relationship. The most common opportunity is when mothers leave the kids with their father to go shopping, working or meeting friends.

In general, mothers feel insecure when they leave their kids with their father at home alone. This feeling is nurtured by how much the father is involved on a daily basis in raising the kids and helping around the house.  Here are some suggestions to spend a lovely day with your kids at home:

-          Turn off TV, DVD or any other video game. Use this time to talk with your kids and play with them.
-          Sit on the floor and stay up to their level. Play with them on the floor with their toys.

-          Put away your computer and mobile phone. Do not get interrupted by any work related issues.
-          Plan an easy meal together or order a pizza to share with them.
-          Be yourself don’t imitate the mother. It is very important for your child to get to know your personality.
-          Read their favorite story and discuss the part they like.
-          Don’t panic. Your child will sense your fear and will feel insecure. If you cannot find a toy, blanket or his water cup ask him. He will show you the way!
-          If your child is still a baby, sing to him, hold him in your arms and talk to him. Use this time to get connected with your baby. You can feed him the bottle until his mother comes back. The baby will sense your love and would enjoy being in your arms.

There are no rules on how to spend time with your kids. Taking care of them, making them feel that they are important to you and having a wonderful experience with them would leave lovely memories to your kids that they would cherish for their life. A little attention and involvement makes lots of difference.