New Year Resolutions for Your Kids

As we all know, the year is coming to an end. Every person set resolutions for the New Year. What about helping your kids and involve them in preparing their resolutions too.

Here are some ideas you can use for your kids:
Preschool age:
·    I will tidy up my room
·    I will brush my teeth twice a day
·    I will clean up after playing with my friends
·    I will put dirty clothes in the basket
·    I will place my shoes in their places
·    I will listen to mom and dad
·    I will stop crying

School age kids:
·    I will listen to mom and dad
·    I will tidy up my room
·    I will eat more vegetables and drink more milk
·    I will wear my seat belt
·    I will get involved in an activity
·    I will limit my time on electronics
·    I will help my mom in cleaning the house
·    I will get into bed on time.

·    I will try to get involved in a community activity
·    I will  spend only one or two hours watching TV
·    I will seek advice from my parents whenever I am stressed out
·    I will resist peer pressure
·    I will help around the house
·    I will be respectful towards my parents and my family

Resolutions are good parenting techniques to teach your kids how to set their goals and how to meet them. It doesn’t matter how small the goal is but it does matter if they fulfill it or not. Encourage your kids and help them to set their resolutions for the New Year.