Spring Cleaning with Kids

Spring is here! Are you ready for the spring cleaning? And what is the best way to hit the cleaning after winter, than having little magical hands to help you. All family members should be involved in the spring cleaning, each according to his age and capabilities. Here are some tips to start up your spring cleaning with your kids:

Your kids will enjoy helping when they feel that they are working in teams. Divide the kids into teams and assign tasks. Assign harder jobs as windows cleaning for your teens and dust removal for your younger ones.

Play games
Divide the kids into teams and assign tasks. Let’s see who finishes quicker with great performance. Check the results if satisfactory!

Use motivators
Play some loud exciting music. It will keep your kids high, energetic and motivated. Give a turn to each child to pick up his favorite music.

Toy cut
Make your kids spend some time in their room taking out all toys that they are not using anymore. Place them in a box and donate them to community centers or associations for kids. Remove books that are for smaller age and donate them for libraries.

Closets clean up
Winter is finished, kids are growing and lots of clothes are stuck in the closets. Evaluate each item and give away clothes that are small. Throw old, torn and washed out clothes. Wash all other clothes then store them in a sealed box for the next winter.

Cleaning jobs for kids
Make your kids move plastic chairs and tables outside. Assign to them cleaning with soap and water. They would love to splash with water. Give each child a sponge and a bucket with water and soap. Ask them to go around the house and clean each dirty spot from the walls. You can also assign sorting toys and cleaning them. You can also let them sweep the porches, water the flowers and clean the garden from dead leaves.

Reward the hard work
Cleaning is not fun. Nobody would love to clean and tidy up. Promise your kids with a reward at the end of the day.

Spring cleaning is a great way to teach your kids hygienic and sanitary measures. Take this opportunity to have fun, communicate and bond with your kids. Try not to give orders during the day and enjoy your time with your little helpers!