The Christmas Tree

We all wait for Christmas to mount up our tree and decorate it. It is usually a time where family is gathered in joy and happiness. Our kids are enthusiastic waiting to put all the decorations on the tree. With all these festivities and the rush we never ask what the origin of the Christmas tree is. Is it a Christian symbol? Would these decorations have meanings or is it a simple festivity culture?

There are several stories that relate Christmas tree to Christmas Eve and to Christianity. Some of them relate it to Martin Luther King who one night was inspired by the stars and bought home a tree that he decorated with candles.

History books go back to the 15th Century where the German people were the first ones to use the Christmas tree. It was a pagan culture in the Scandinavian countries to honor the winter solstice on December 25th by decorating evergreen trees then burn them to celebrate life that beats even in the worse winter times.

After that, Christians embraced this culture and started to built up trees on Christmas Eve and remove them on January 6. Putting it up before that day was a bad luck. Trees were decorated by wafer, candles and apples. Apples symbolize the Tree of life of Adam & Eve, candles are the light of life as Jesus is the eternal light and wafers represent the reincarnation. Some relate the balls to the planets, the green tree to life, lights to the ever burning fire of life and stars to remind us of Bethlehem stars.

All these symbols are nice to explain and teach to our kids. After all it is a festive season full of joy, love and happiness.
Enjoy decorating your tree!