The Halloween Myth

31st of October: it’s Halloween! Kids and adults dress in costumes, visit the neighbors and friends, and ask for “treats” (candies, lollipops, chocolate bars, etc.). All houses are decorated with carved pumpkins, images of ghosts and witches, bats, spiders, and skeletons! Kids adore this holiday for both the fun they have dressing in costumes and visiting friends, and the huge bags of candies they bring back home!

Do you know how did this crazy tradition start? Read this and tell your kids about the true Halloween Myth!

The roots of Halloween go back to many centuries ago, when people celebrated the end of harvest season. In fact, by the end of October, the ancient societies had finished harvesting their crops, and were preparing for the non-growing season when the crops were “dead”. Moreover, the first day of November was called All Hallows Day where people remembered their deceased relatives. The myth says that on the night before All Hallows Day, the spirits of those dead people will return to walk on earth one last time before finding their peace. This is from where came the tradition to dress in costumes in order to scare the evil spirits away!

Now, use your imagination and prepare for the kids and for yourself some special costumes for the Halloween night!

Happy Halloween!