They Can Ride, but Can They Drive?

When is it a good time to start teaching your children how to drive?

For fathers, moments like teaching your child how to ride a bicycle are priceless and unforgettable. Fathers are always eager to find more of these moments in order to bond with their children. Teaching your son or daughter how to drive a car is one of those.

But the question that poses itself is: when is that moment? Is it when they are of the right legal age? Is it when their level of self awareness is advanced enough, or is it when they are physically old enough to drive?

There is no right or wrong answer to that, while we can say, based on observation, that it is a combination of several factors. Same as teaching them to ride a bicycle, several criteria have to come in place; physical fitness (as in height and motor skills), awareness of safety, knowing the rules of riding and more importantly the willingness of the child to learn.

When a child is curious enough to try something that is not safe for them, some parents try to hide it away (which can only happen for a limited time) while others teach their child about it so they know its rules and dangers.

So how will you know that it is the right time to teach them how to drive? Well, it can be a combination of all the below:

1.   When they start asking to start the engine or change gears

2.   When they start playing car racing games and believe they are capable of driving a real one (and you really don't want them to do that behind your back)

3.   When they are in the proper physical size where they can comfortably sit in a car and reach the pedals

This is the time when you will need to start considering that moment. Think of it as when your child wants to jump in the water while they don't know how to swim, you can't keep them away from the water for long, so you will need to teach them just to make sure that they can manage.

And so you decide to take your child for a drive!