Tips for Parents Traveling without Their Kids

Traveling without your kids can be frustrating and stressful for you and for them. The concept of traveling changes when you have kids. Usually, parents organize their vacations while taking into consideration kids’ entertainment but when those vacations do not include kids, parents often feel guilty and become nervous. Here are some tips to consider before traveling without your kids:

-          Prepare your child: If he is less than 2 years old, make sure he is comfortable with the babysitter. It is preferable to leave him at home surrounded by his toys and things. If your child is a preschooler, he might think that he did something wrong and you should explain clearly the reason of your trip.

-          Prepare the caregiver: Whether it is a babysitter, your parents or any person from your family, you should review with them the kids’ routine, daily tasks and other important issues such as:

  • Childproof techniques at home
  • What to do in case of fire, medical emergency and accidents
  • Records of kids allergies and medicines if any
  • Placement of first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, etc.
  • List of doctors numbers, hospitals, emergency, police and family members
  • Your phone number and time when you might be reachable
  • Health Insurance cards and your child’s medical record

-          Stock your cabinets with:

  • Baby/kids food
  • Baby accessories as diapers, wipes, soap, etc.
  • Medicines as insect repellent, anti-inflammatory, sunscreen, thermometer, adhesive, antiseptic, etc.

-          Prepare gifts for your child to open every day while you are away. He would be happy to discover each day a surprise.

-          Prepare a plan with your child about your calls itinerary so he would know when you will be calling him as well as your travel itinerary.

Don’t expect things would go as you were at home. It is ok to allow some exceptions as sleep late, missing a shower, staying in his pajama all day or even eating lots of candies. With good preparation your kids will be safe at home. The most important is that you choose to have fun while you are in your vacation. Enjoy your time with your partner, use this time to bond with him again, get lots of souvenirs to share with your kids and have a wonderful vacation.