Video Games and Kids

How many hours is my child allowed to sit in front of a TV? Or play a video game? Does it have side effects on him or does it help in developing his skills? Lots of questions asked by concerned mothers watching their kids sitting for hours in front of a screen.

All researches show that kids are spending more than 30 hours per week using an electronic device. Video games can have bad effects on kids as well as good benefits.

What are the side effects of video games?

-          Kids spend less time outside, less time reading and less time socializing and meeting new friends.
-          Kids who play violent games tend to be more aggressive.
-          Kids may engage in fights and have schooling issues with their teachers.
-          Obesity.
-          No appreciation for outdoors activity and natural wildlife.

What are the benefits of video games?

-          It helps to train your child’s brain, memory, follow instructions, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, reasoning, simulation and teamwork when played with others.
-          It introduces your child to the high tech world and prepares him for future.
-          Some video games are educative. They teach your child and let them have fun at the same time.
-          It helps sometimes to raise your child self-esteem by taking risks and exploring more to reach his target or to win, attitude that he might use in real life.
-          Some video games require from the kids to be active and workout which makes them move and waste energy.

How to limit the usage of video games?

-          Limit the usage time of video games to a maximum of one hour per day.
-          Be attentive about the type of games your child is playing.
-          Do not install a TV unit in your child’s bedroom.
-          Supervise your child internet usage.
-          Talk with your child and ask him about his feelings towards the games.
-          Share with other parents, information about games.