What is fatherhood

What is fatherhood? Is it just the male parent in the family? Is it just the person who provides paychecks? Or is he that man who protects his family, watches over them and cares about them. Fatherhood is full of challenges and tests. Being a father is a unique experience that each male parent will discover and live throughout his life. It starts from the positive sign of a pregnancy test and lasts till the end. It is a process of joy, responsibility, involvement and love.

The word “Father” keeps different memories in our mind. Those memories are mainly affected by how much our daddy was involved in our life. In the past, father’s main responsibility was to support the house financially and to protect it. Nowadays his role has changed. It involves more commitment, sharing in daily tasks and raising the kids.

Kids appreciate more spending quality time with their dads. It would send a message that their father cares and values them. Being involved in each part of a kid’s life gives that child the feeling of being loved and cherished by his father. Lots of daily tasks can create opportunities for involvement as training to ride a bicycle, changing nappies, reading a book, and teaching swimming… Knowing your child can be an edge to fulfill his needs during later stages of his development as well it provides a way to nurture their relationship to become a strong, trusty and faithful one.

Children need their father as they need their mother. The feeling of protection, the image of a leader and the sense of authority that a father demonstrates is necessary for a child’s development. As the mother provides her tenderness and warmth, the father provides guidance and self-confidence. It is very important for each parent to play their role and understand its importance. Children need a responsible, committed and involved father to implant discipline, integrity and honor. Fatherhood is not just a blood relation; it is an unconditional love, an assurance, a sacrifice and a commitment.

For all loving fathers in the world, we wish you a Happy Father’s Day!