Your Partner at Your First Prenatal Visit

Your first prenatal visit is very important and it is crucial for your partner to be with you! As an expecting father, it is very important to stand next to your partner and share with her all pregnancy findings and information. This would help to create bonds between you and your coming baby. The more visits you attend the better will be for you. There are many reasons that make your attendance important as:

-          The more you know about baby development and pregnancy symptoms, the more you will be supportive to your partner and prepared for the delivery.

-          Discovering baby’s development through ultrasound will help you to connect with your future baby.

-          You get to meet the practitioner and trust him to take care of your partner and your baby during all stages of pregnancy and delivery.

-          Establish a positive environment with your partner. Even if the baby is growing in her tummy, he is for both of you. Discussing parenting plans, decisions and issues together would establish a positive relationship that would be a great help once your newborn arrives.