Kangaroo Carriers: Practical and Comfortable

A baby kangaroo carrier is a sling that will make your life easier because it lets you do all your duties and carry your baby at the same time!

Some kangaroo carriers are made for babies from 0 to 3 months, others for babies from 3 months to one year old, but the best ones are those that are 100% adjustable. These allow you to share them with daddy, grandmother, aunt, etc. and they can be used from new born age until around three years of age.

A kangaroo carrier is very practical and comfortable for you and for your baby:

-          It is a completely hands free way of carrying your baby while doing anything you want: shopping, going for a walk, doing laundry etc.

-          It creates a very nice bond between the mother (or the father) and the baby, and makes the baby feel secure, for he/she will be nested against your body, soothed by the familiar sound of your heartbeat.

There are different ways to carry your baby and this usually depends on his/her age:

-          A newborn baby is usually carried in the front and facing you, so that he/she can rest his/her head on your chest while sleeping.

-          The cradle hold position is also meant for carrying newborns, especially while breastfeeding.

-          Between 3 and 6 months your baby will have a good head control, so you can carry him/her in the front facing outward, letting him/her explore the world while looking side to side.

-          When your baby is a bit older (around 1 year old and more), you can carry him/her in the back. He/she can be facing you or facing outward. This type of carrier is more used while walking or hiking.

Ensure comfort for you and your baby by carrying your little angel in a kangaroo carrier, just like kangaroos carry their babies in their pouches.