Kids and Vitamins

Every mother is concerned about giving her child the right diet to cover all nutrients. As mothers, we start providing our kids with healthy food from an early age. A diversified diet would give your child all nutrients his body needs. Experts do not recommend giving multivitamin supplement for all kids. Encourage your child to eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, dairy products and healthy fat. Try to avoid fast food products.

Which kids need multivitamin supplement?
-          Picky eaters
-          Kids who eat mainly fast food
-          Kids with chronic medical conditions
-          Kids who drinks lots of carbonated sodas
-          Kids who don’t eat regularly
-          Kids who do not get enough Vitamin D through their diets or sunshine exposure
-          Kids who have allergies for some types of foods or veggies

What are the most important vitamins for my kids?
-          Vitamin A which plays a big role in eyesight. You can find it in orange colored fruits and vegetables as carrot and dark green leafy vegetables as spinach.
-          Vitamin B’s are responsible for making energy and red blood cells. You can find them in whole grains products, poultry, meats, fish, eggs, dairy products and beans.
-          Vitamin C helps your kid’s body to fight against infections. You can find it in strawberries, kiwi fruit, broccoli, oranges and tomatoes.
-          Vitamin D is good for your child’s bones. You will find it in egg yolks, liver, fish, milk and fortified cereals.
-          Vitamin E protects cells and tissues from damages. It is found in nuts and seeds, vegetable oil, whole grain and egg yolks.
-          Vitamin K helps your child’s wound to clot rapidly. Dairy products, broccoli and soya bean are rich in Vitamin K.
-          Calcium is very important for your child’s bones. It is found in dairy products.
-          Iron is great to build your child’s muscles and red blood cells. You can find it in red meats, turkey, spinach and prunes.

Good, balanced and diversified nutrition provide your child with all kinds of vitamins. If you feel that your child is not eating properly and is in need of a supplement, you may ask your doctor for the right kind of vitamins his body will need. Usually parents do give a supplement of Vitamin C during winter to protect their kids from flu symptoms. Try chewable vitamins if your kid doesn’t like to swallow a pill or drink a liquid. There are lots of types in the market that are kid-friendly.