Shyness During Childhood

My child is shy. He doesn’t communicate with adults, he hides behind furniture and refuses to shake hands and talk with anyone. Whenever we have people at home or we are in a party he hangs to me.

Shyness is not a fault it is a trait. There are lots of kids who were shy during their childhood and become more social when they grow up. Kids usually do not act shy because they want to. It just happens with them. They are attentive listeners and sensitive. They need to study their environment and the people who surround them. No matter what the excuses of shyness are, the recommendation is the same: Always help your child to feel comfortable in any situation.

-    Ask your visitors or relatives to approach your child calmly. Let them wait till your child does the first move.
-    During a party, do not leave your child alone with the kids. He will feel more comfortable if you stay with him. Join an activity and your child might interact better with other kids.
-    Do not comment on your child’s feelings during a party. It will make him feel more miserable.
-    In family gathering keep your child next to you. He will be more comfortable interacting with the group in his own way.
-    Prepare your child before any party, gathering or visitors. Let him get ready emotionally for the presence of other people.
-    Do not ask your child suddenly to perform any activity in front of strangers as playing piano, singing a rhyme, or others. It is better to leave him execute his performance whenever he feels like.

An important notice; the harder you pull, the more your child will retreat. Always keep your child comfortable, praise him when he acts properly and encourage him to meet and interact with other people.