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The Perfect Nap

Daily nap for children is essential for their development. Napping can help your child relax and recharge some energy. Some believe that if a child does not nap, he will have a better sleep at night! This is wrong since he will become irritated, tired and cranky. Here are some tips to help your kids take their nap:

-          Be consistent, every day at the same hour, the same room and the same environment. Build a routine.

-          Have a quiet time before your baby sleeps.

-          Explain to your toddler that every child needs to rest before he continues the day.

-          Take a nap. Let your child know that you also need to rest.

-          If he goes to a day care center, keep at home the routine even during weekends.

-          Do not fight with your child over a nap. Just let him set quietly and read a book. Remove all noisy toys.

-          If your child refuses to nap, adjust his bedtime earlier.

Every child needs a specific time to rest and sleep. Sleep deprivation will lead to behavior problems. Your child might become cranky, hyperactive, overtired and moody. Value your child nap time and make it a routine in his daily schedule.